over 400 web sites, apps & software projects
+ 90 developers, programmers & designers

“cost effective”

{Angela Merkel, politician, Berlin}

A world free of extra costs, hidden fees, unexpected expenses.

“time efficient”

{Stephen Hawking, physicist, Cambridge}

No surprise, no setback, no delay. 


{Mikhail Baryshnikov, dancer, NY}

No hassle of recruiting or supervising the workforce.

“best qualified” 

{Nico Rosberg, driver, Monaco}

the highest level of technical skills at your service 



{Leonardo Da VInci, polymath, Milano}

quality work done in record time at a very competitive price


Quality information systems for our clients. We will determine your project requirements, create the specification to develop and design a solution, and realize, test and launch the software in-house or on the market. 

Online surveys 

Timely receipt of reliable and comprehensive information about the enviroment, customers' behaviour, trends, new products, as well as its effective analysis and correct interpretation.

Data Analysis

Data is everywhere but for it to be useful for your business it needs analysis. Comprehensive range of business intelligence and consulting services to turn your raw data into understandable and valuable trends and ideas.

Web Design

Design and programming of corporate and private web sites, blogs and e-commerce – from your concept to a working product. Programming and design languages, platforms and software determined individually to best fit your needs.


We don't just create a logo, slogan or an advert –  we work towards holistic, longterm solutions that can guarantee your business’ position on the map of your target audience preferences.


After discussion of your requirements and the relevant research, we provide you with several different concepts of the logo. Once you select one option we work with it to your complete satisfaction.


We cover development of mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms, initial concept and planning, development, maintenance, integration and statistics.


Design and creation of all means of communication – brochures, business cards, flyers, calendars, product packaging and labels, posters and cards - in the shortest possible time and within your budget.


Whether it is banner ads, google keywords, blog, social media marketing, terrestrial marketing or telesales – we can help you design and execute a plan that best suits your needs.


Sources of IDÉES are multiple and diverse, friendships, startups mergers and lately acquisitions have been shaping business practices and work ethics that participate to set new standards for creative marketing over the past decade.

A decade during which IDÉES has been infallibly offering web development services to hundreds of customers across Europe, Russia and the Middle East. IDÉES is now one of the names in integration of complex efficient solutions, advanced online applications, relying on that signature synthesis of high skills, domain knowledge, empirical experience and openminded methodology.









and counting

Smart Interactions
IDÉES is always around, time difference, what is that. You can be on the other side of the globe. It’s your requirements, your schedule, your terms.
Instant information, transparent quotation, progress update, everything accessible, anytime.

Innovation & Professionalism
Our solutions can be based on sophisticated principles and technologies, we still always make sure they are intuitive to understand and to put to work.
Comprehensive products that rhyme with usability therefor customer independence.

Cultural Understanding
We are accustomed to bridging gaps between varieties of business cultures and traditions.  IDÉES employs every advantage of globalisation yet with our trademark attention and respect for local approaches and practices we changed the game forever.

Engaging model
Every good story begins with a discussion, on your project,  at length, then we assemble a team, within our network of trusted partners. Remember when you had to communicate with developers, designers, chase deadlines, explain the same things over and over again,... you're welcome.

some of our latest projects

we do more than creating websites, software and apps, we have ideas on the question(s)

we are growing fast. come join us.


Freelancers in the areas of marketing, SEO, copyrighting, print and graphic design,  PHP, HTML, JavaScript and mobile apps development.

Open positions at present:

.Net Web Developer
User Interface (UI) Developer
Web Application Developer

Sales Representative (UK & Spain)
Account Manager (UK & Spain)

For more information send your CV  to, noting the position you are applying for.


We are constantly on the lookout to expand our network of partners. If you have an established, expirienced and motivated –  do get in touch. 

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